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We live in a world that gets more packed with technology every day. From computers and smart phones, to web sites and databases and apps, to email and the cloud, we have more options to connect us to the information we need.

So how can all this technology help you and your small business? Can you reach more customers and make more money? Streamline your work and your bookkeeping? What about just saving your time so you can focus on big-picture business plans? With the right technology and design partner, you can do all this and more.

Overkick Technologies has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry working with all kinds of clients. Keep reading to see how Overkick can help your company make money, save time and reach more customers.

Professional web design, tech support and computer services for small business and non-profits

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Website design and development, including static sites, WordPress and .NET. Responsive web pages and SEO for mobile devices


Installation, development and support for content management systems, custom databases and reports for your business data


Set up and manage your company email and directory. Manage your servers, computers and devices, and your networks


Training for you and your staff. Technical writing, business planning, security and disaster recovery, Office and spreadsheets

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Designed us an awesome website, with good images and colors, and works well on mobile. Also managed our social media accounts. Thanks!

We were doing things on paper… But they helped us streamline our accounting and billing process with new online forms, reports and spreadsheets…

Creative and innovative, highlighted by the fact that they deliver end-to-end solutions, from the database, to business logic, to the front-end UI.

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Developer / designer

Web designer and software developer with an eye for detail. Experienced in computers, networks and server support. Background in business and educational fields, management and technical writing.


Hardware support

Expert in computer hardware, networks, security, IOT and enterprise support, with a background in marketing and customer service. Over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

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