Meet the New Quantum Car

By Franklin Aguilar

Ok, the car doesn’t really use quantum technology. Quantum is just the brand name. But the vehicle is nonetheless impressive. This new electric vehicle started selling in September (2019). Somewhat bigger than a smart car, it comfortably fits three people with space for luggage or groceries. There are five 12 volt batteries that will charge via regular 220V current, that can be cheaply installed in any home.

Problems with most electrical vehicles include the battery charge time, additional expensive hardware that needs to be installed for charging, and other add-on costs that drive up the price of the electric vehicle to that of simply using traditional gasoline. Not with the Quantum car!

There are 3 things that make this vehicle unique compared to others in its class:

  1. BATTERY AND MILEAGE: The Quantum car charges fully in 6 hours, costing 60 watts per hour. Explained simply, every 30 cents spent charging gives you 31 miles of driving!
  2. SOLAR TECHNOLOGY: Model E2 features a SOLAR PANEL ROOF (wink, wink Tesla!), meaning your car battery will be charging while you are driving or while it’s waiting for you at a parking lot.
  3. THE PRICE: How much does it cost? Model E1 costs 5,000 dollars, and Model E2 costs 6,000 dollars.

THE CATCH: Yes, there is a catch! This vehicle is being 100% produced, manufactured and sold in BOLIVIA, which owns one of the largest and higher quality sources of lithium in the world. (according to the travel experts at Reason Travel, Bolivia is a country that is starting to be a favorite tourist travel destination)

THE OPPOSING VIEW: Some people described the Quantum car as just an oversized golf cart!

YOUR POINT OF VIEW: We want to know your opinion, please comment and share.

Side view, Model E2
Made in South America
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